About Us

Who We Are

Our goal this year at Faith Baptist Church is that we might learn to walk in the Spirit on a moment by moment basis each day. This is possible through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Do you know Him as your own personal Savior? Are you experiencing His strength in your life each day? Our prayer is that God might allow us to help you to be able to answer "yes" to each of these questions.

Our History

In May of 1981 upon graduation from Tennessee Temple University Pastor Boyle and his family moved to Spokane, WA with a vision to start a church. Having been raised in the Northwest he understood that there was a great need in the Northwest for churches that teach and preach God’s Word. Having been saved while in the US Army he realized there was a great need to reach US military personnel. Starting a church in Spokane would give him the opportunity to have a ministry at Fairchild Air Force Base.

Faith Baptist church met in a rented building for the first nine months until one of the members noticed a 100 year old church building that wasn’t being used. 30 people met on a Wednesday night and voted to buy that building. $10,000.00 was raised by faith to buy that building. The church met there for the next 17 years. In April of 1999 Faith Baptist Church merged with Gospel Light Baptist Church which was under the direction of Pastor Rick Donley. Together the two churches were able to buy a large church facility where we meet today.

Faith Baptist Church began with 11 people in Pastor and Mrs. Boyle's home and has grown to a congregation of 300 people with a high day of 504. Faith Baptist Church has ministries that start with the baby nursery and go to the Senior Moments Club for those in their Golden years. Many people have been saved, baptized and sent out to preach the Gospel over the past 33 years. God has blessed in an unusual way and all the Glory goes to Him.