Our Ministries

Faith Baptist Academy


 God has been faithful to raise up ministries that reach people at Faith Baptist Church. Faith Baptist Academy, a place where parents can trust that their children are getting a Christian education is not only a place for education but a place where good sportsmanship is taught.  Please visit http://www.fbaspokane.com for more information about our school.    

Patch the Pirate Club


Patch the Pirate Club is a character building program that encourages young people to memorize scripture and to walk with the Lord.    

Bus Ministry


 Our bus ministry goes out into the highways and hedges to bring children from all around our city. Many children and their families have been saved because of this ministry. The bus ministry is staffed by a group of dedicated volunteers, who faithfully visit and work on the bus routes. Some of the children reached on the bus routes have gone on at a young age to be with the Lord. We are so grateful that we were able to reach them with the gospel. We will never under estimate the value of the bus ministry as we see some of our bus kids now grown up and off at Bible college as well as serving the Lord around the world.    

Sunday School


 Our Sunday School has classes for all ages. We have several classes for children as well as a wide variety of classes for adults.

 The Friendship Bible Class is a class for adults taught in the main auditorium.
 The Young Couples Class is for young couples 30 and under.
 The Pathfinders Class is for single adults in college or just beginning their careers.
 The Berean Bible Class is for 9th - 12th grade youth.
 The Believers Bible Class is for 7th - 8th grade youth.  

Joy Missionary Fellowship


  Joy Missionary Fellowship is a monthly ladies meeting centered around being a blessing to missionary wives and their families.  The Joy Missionary Fellowship keeps a well-stocked missions closet to help meet the needs of our missionaries. They host special events such as the mother daughter tea and the ladies retreat. For more information on the Ladies Retreat please visit http://www.inwlg.com/    

Military Ministry


 When Pastor Boyle came to Spokane in 1981, he saw the need to reach the military at Fairchild Air Force Base. Over the years, God has given us many precious military families to minister to. Some were saved in the ministry here and others just got busy serving the Lord. Many have come and gone as the Lord and Uncle Sam moved them to their next duty station. The place they have had in the heart of Faith Baptist Church cannot be replaced. The first family at Faith Baptist was Warren and Lai Allshouse. They arrived at Fairchild just two days before our first service and were very instrumental in the early days of the church. They are now serving the Lord full time in Okinama at the church where Pastor and Mrs. Boyle were saved. One great thing about the military ministry is that you have friends all over the world. Many times young military families are looking for answers to the problems of this world. Through the military ministry we have seen many come to know the Lord and go on to serve Him with their life.    

Youth Ministry


 Berean Youth Ministry is a place where teens can serve the Lord together. They have fun activities but the real emphasis is growing in the Christian life. The teens go soulwinning every Wednesday after school. They plan missions trips to help new works with door knocking, Vacation Bible School and any other way they can encourage the pastor.